Adidas has been cranking out the designer collaborations with the Yohji Yamamoto Superstar, the Rick Owens collaboration and the current season Raf Simons joints. For Spring/Summer 2014 more Adidas are on the way and they’re just as crazy as the FW13 ones. Some would say they’re ugly, but if you saw the SS14 Paris runway show , Raf found  a way to make some of them work. Personally I can’t cosign many of these design but I do enjoy the boot and the Air Max 1/90 inspired sneakers. There’s something childish and pop-art about them, I have a feeling these will be something alot of Raf fans will regret sleeping on.

Photos via Will of Le Collectioneuse See the rest after the jump


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9 Responses to Raf Simons x Adidas SS14 Sneakers

  1. B.R. says:

    YES. Finally. After Adidas sacrifices Stan Smith to mainstream, Raf will save the summer….Anything else doesn’t matter.

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