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Vintage 60’s Era Made in US Levi’s 501.

After a some time away from wearing indigo denim, I’m back wearing it regularly. I started looking online for a pair of vintage jeans with  a perfect fade.  When I saw this pair of vintage Levi’s I knew I had to get em. I placed a bid through Yahoo Japan Auction and the help of the good folks over at SutoCorp proxy received them a few short days later.

I believe these shrink to fit US made Levi’s 501s date back to the 1960’s and the tag indicates that they were a Japanese import.  Noticeable details include the redline selvedge and the old Big E LEVI’s branding. There’s been numerous tears on these jeans and as you can see from the pics; many repairs performed.  My favorite aspect of these jeans is definitely the color of them. The wash down the front is perfect to me. The whiskering just compliments the faded indigo so well.  It’s been some time since I’ve owned Levi’s but having the opportunity to own these helps me understand why vintage pairs are so coveted. It comes down to the feel of the denim which is substantial but not heavy and the understated look. I feel lucky to own something that is in a word, original.

Photos by Rocky Li

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Wilbert’s styled look

Billionaire Boys Club green camo T-Shirt
Billionaire Boys Club digi-camo Shirt
Billionaire Boys Club work shirt
Billionaire Boys Club work jacket
Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Washed Jeans
Timberland 6″ Wheat Boot

My friend Wilbert who contributes to Vice tapped me to do some photos for a parody piece based on Obama’s election victory. Mitt Romney was quoted as saying that Obama won the minority vote by promising gifts to them. The above photos are some extra flicks I took on my Rollei film camera.

Check out the original feature HERE.

Photos by Rocky Li
Wilbert’s styling by Rocky Li


I’m constantly inspired by the style of strangers on the streets of New York. But when I’m online I like to take a look at what’s occurring in far off lands and Japanese streetstyle has long been my favorite. I would say that Japanese streetstyle blogs really emphasize brand-mixing and celebrating a personalized look. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Japanese streetstyle blog Style Arena.

Here are some of my November streetstyle picks from Harajuku, Ginza, Daikanyama, and Shibuya.

Yuki Ikeda

Shirt: SLACK
Sarrouel Pants: GANRYU
Loafers: Hender Scheme × HARUTA
Bag: Hender Scheme

A very Junya-esque look worn with a lot of confidence. The proportions and lines are clean and the pants are drop-crotch without being extreme. Casual and effortless and the all khaki is a good contrast to the indigo shirt below.


Handbag: Ungaro

Paz is wearing a men’s jacket and owning it. This pattern isn’t easy to pull off but the color on the dress and shoes help tone down how eye-catching it is.  This fit is better than the sum of it’s parts and to me that indicates great personal style.

Mayumi Kaneko


A nice languid fit that’s broken up by the cropped patterned trousers and cropped coat sleeves. A simple fit but the looseness of the clothes puts a really nice drape. Doesn’t hurt that this beezy has such a great haircut either.


Scarves: BALMAIN
Sneakers: VANS

The vans in this fit tone down a luxe look with mostly John Lawrence Sullivan. I like that the chesterfield does not look too dressy here and instead gives more of a youthful vibe. The slacks fit perfect but the purple socks put this one over the top.


Jacket work: COMME des GARCONS
Pants skinny: banal Chic Bizarre
Glasses: MYKITA
Sneakers: Y-3

Shinya is pulling off three difficult things here: orange hair, black and navy and layering a jacket underneath a coat. For that he deserves props. Before you attempt this look make sure your swag is up to pair, self-doubt will be your downfall.



I’ve been feeling the Fall/Winter 2012 collection of C.E since I first saw the collection video. Hypebeast put together an editorial which offers a closer look at some of the key pieces from FW12.

My personal favorite items are the hoody from look 3 and the olive crewneck sweatshirt from look 4. I’m really looking forward to seeing what C.E puts out. I hope they continue to explore that gritty mid 90’s New York streetwear feel. In the meanwhile though you can also check this same editorial out in print through Hypebeast Magazine Issue 2.

Images via Hypebeast

Photography: Tim & Barry (Just Jam)
Art Director: Ben Drury (Trust Me London)
Styling & Layout: C.E
Model: D Double

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I became friends with Alex and Will just hanging around at the same parties and seeing them at Opening Ceremony where they both work. They are really down to earth guys with unique style that is true to their interests. Shortly after meeting them they introduced me to their clothing line XXBC. XXBC (Twenty BC) is a clothing brand that pieces together concepts and materials from vintage sportswear/streetwear to create something new altogether.

The pieces are all one-offs and carefully constructed. I’ve seen a few sweatshirts by XXBC that capture a certain nostalgic feeling with an updated modern fit. I always welcome new takes on vintage that stay true to the ideals and aesthetics of past eras. XXBC seems to certainly fit that bill and I am looking forward to sharing with you the contained development of the line. Perhaps XXBC is best described by their mantra…

“Behind XXBC is a philosophy that we live by, “When in Rome, Do You.™” (w.i.r.d.y).”

You can visit XXBC online HERE. Check out the tumblr w.i.r.d.y HERE.

Lastly you can see Alex Lee’s street style photos on Four-Pins.

Photos by Rocky Li

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The good folks at the VFILES store just dropped these Fashion Team T-shirts by New York Based Label Les Plus Dorés . You may have seen these designs splashed on your favorite style sites but now it’s your turn to rep your favorite designer. Included designers are Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane, Dolce & Gabana, Alexander McQueen, Rei Kawakubo, Phoebe Philo, Riccardo Tisci, Nicolas Ghesquière and Donatella Versace.   These make an awesome holiday gift idea as well. Scoop the tees direct from the VFILES store in New York at 12 Mercer Street or through a direct e-mail (


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Today we look at back at this editorial by WTAPS for their second ‘ Dazed and Confused’ collection for Fall/Winter 2009. WTAPS minimalist take on military pieces has remained consistent throughout the brand’s history; a theme they continue to explore in their latest collections. The reason I chose to highlight this editorial was that I felt it nailed the emotion of autumn. The black and white photography gives it an time-weathered vintage feel. Also part of this collection is the WTAPS x Supreme reversible varsity which is one of my favorite collaborative pieces that Supreme has ever done. I’m still jealous that my friend Dae owns it.

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I posted in September about the FW12 Nike Gyakusou footwear collection but now I am sharing photos of my personal pairs of Nike Gyakusou Lunarspider LT+2s from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. After getting the purple pair I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I had both colorways. The lunarspiders are built on the standard lunar sole but have Nike + and flywire technology built in to them making them a stylish and practical accompaniment to any running kit.

What these sneakers execute so well is the mixture of colors. The contrasting teal sole on the orange pair. The light blue patent hit on the back of the purple colorway. These sneakers pop without ever screaming for attention. My favorite detail on these sneakers is the gradient carbon fiber  on the midsole.

I appreciate products that stand at the crossroads of aesthetics and function and that is probably why I cherish these pairs. To me their visual design tells the story of Gyakusou.

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I got this pair of Skull Jeans by an Alchemist denim about 4 years ago. Since then they’ve seen countless wears and have just been put through a lot. These jeans are a slim tapered cut and a sturdy 14.5oz denim weight. The 6×6 refers to the denim thickness of the indigo warp  and ecru weft.

When I first got these they were slightly used but in near-raw condition and I’ve since washed em about half a dozen times and taken them around the world with me. They’ve been through alot and despite their rips and tears I love these jeans more now than when they were still dark indigo.

I’ve heard people say that raw denim is played out in the current men’s market. The concept behind denim repro (reproduction) brands such as Skull Jeans is to pay homage to the denim manufacturing techniques of the past not to become trendy objects of desire. Artisanal jeans such as these are not cheap but once you wear a pair through to this point you will understand the appeal.  I  don’t think I could ever part with these jeans. Just looking at them reminds me of concerts I went to, people in my life, late nights spent partying and early morning workdays.

You can get a brand new pair of these same jeans for $345 at Blue in Greene.

More photos below (after the jump)

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Cities Aviv

James Goodmane

In the YouTube age radio is a medium that is often overlooked (no pun intended). From a personal standpoint I’ve had a love of radio since childhood. It was where I’d hear new music, interviews with my favorite artists and what I’d blast driving around town. There’s an artistry and personality that comes through radio that is timeless.

I was invited by the homies Geng-Grizzly and Note D to the BBOX Radio booth for their last episode of Fresh Out the Box. It was a great experience chopping it up on live radio with them and hearing new rap tunes that fall outside the usual mainstream suspects. Also notable on the show was the interview with Memphis rapper Cities Aviv and his manager James Goodmane. They are both extremely gracious people and they dropped ample knowledge of the Memphis rap scene.

If you are at all a hip-hop fan Fresh Out the Box is must-hear material. You can download the latest archived episode HERE. You can tune in live on BBOX Radio every Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30PM. If you liked this feature I recommend checking out  style profile I did with Note D. Look out for more collaborations with me and the Fresh Out the Box Crew in the next few weeks.


Photos by Rocky Li

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