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Riff Raff performed a high energy set last night at Santos Party House. Jody Highroller has been building steady momentum since signing with Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint in June. He went through his catalog of hits including “Caz my Gear” , “Lil Mama I’m Sorry” and “Jose Conseco”. You can download his latest mixtape Birth of an Icon” HERE.

The forthcoming Harmony Korine directed film ‘Spring Breakers’ stars Selena Gomez and features James Franco playing a character based on Riff Raff himself.


This Dries Van Noten hooded jacket from the the Spring/Summer 2012 collection will keep you dry in style. The conservative cut and the subtle maroon, black and navy striping mean that the piece can be dressed up or down. Some of the finer details include metal riri zips, zippered pockets, and drawstrings to adjust fit.

You can find this and other Dries pieces on The Corner.

Photos by Rocky Li

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Nick Catchdubs


Kitty Pryde

Just Blaze

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Photos by Rocky Li

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It’s a real honor to style profile Izzy Tuason of The Dandy Project. In the fashion industry a strong point of view counts for a lot. Izzy has been showcasing his personal aesthetic and his fashion favorites through his blog for years. His style is eclectic and I’ve always admired his ability to mix designer brands with vintage items, while working in accessories and even DIY pieces. As I shot this with him our conversations ran the gamut from clothes to film to music. I cherish any opportunity to have well-thought out, intellectual discussions on the clothing and culture we love. I’ve shared some of the dialogue we had through interview questions below. Through Third Looks I am striving to bring more of that to the forefront in the coming days.

Look 1
Comme des Garcons SHIRT chinese character-print rayon shirt
Comme des Garcons Homme Plus drop-crotch shorts
Converse Chuck Taylor shoes

Look 2

3.1 Phillip Lim tuxedo shirt
3.1 Phillip Lim raw-edged wool shorts
Casio watch on Native American turquoise and coral sterling silver band
Kung-Fu shoes from Chinatown

Has blogging changed your outlook on the fashion industry and your own personal style?

Blogging has worked as a very public mirror by which I can re-examine my thoughts on fashion and my personal style, and it has connected me with people who continue to enrich me.

 The DIY posts on your blog are great. How long have you been doing your own DIY projects and what made you decide to share them online?

I’ve been doing the DIY posts early into the blog, which I started in 2008. I was living in Manila then, with very little access to fashion, and the way I thought I could best express myself was by creating my clothing. I wanted to share this process of creation with my readers.

Look 3

Damir Doma cotton-cashmere long t-shirt
Damir Doma drop-crotch pants
Guidi platform chelsea boots

We spoke on how a lot of your style inspiration from outside of fashion. What are some things or places you turn to for inspiration.
I get inspired by a lot of things—film, television, music, people around me, and the thoughts in my head. Right now, I’m inspired by the sleek masculinity of Wong Kar-Wai’s heroes, the dark pragmatism of Walter White’s wardrobe in Breaking Bad, the exuberance of Twin Shadow, the natives of Bushwick, and the idea of comfort.

Look 4
Number (N)ine sunglasses
Yohji Yamamoto shirt
Yohji Yamamoto wool hakama pants
Converse Chuck Taylor shoes

As you continue to accumulate more pieces in your wardrobe which item would you never ever part with willingly?

The Yohji Yamamoto pants I’m wearing in one of your photographs are one of my all-time favorites. The volume and size are seemingly ridiculous, but in reality, it is quite a subdued piece. Weird never goes out of style.

Any holy grail pieces you are still searching for or regret missing out on?
Black Guidi derbies
The perfect oversize double-breasted below-the-knee Yohji Yamamoto coat
The perfect body-skimming Julius leather jacket
A Patek Philippe Nautilus in steel

What are some of your favorite places to shop both online and in-store?

The LN-CC, Assembly New York, Atelier New York, IF Boutique, Park & Bond, and eBay.

Be sure to check out the Dandy Project ONLINE and on TWITTER.

Photos by Rocky Li


Installation : Brian DeGraw x Mykki Blanco

Theophilus London

Heron Preston 


Photos by Rocky Li


I respect girls who are are about to look great AND express aspects of their personality through their personal style. Gia is a fellow Parson’s graduate and she currently works  as a PR coordinator for Comme des Garcons which is doubtlessly a dream job for many. I implicitly trust her taste when it comes to womenswear and I think she has an incredible eye for aesthetics in general (not just when it comes to fashion). While she is often low-key and subtle with the way she dresses, Gia can also put together looks that break necks with ease.

Look 1

Bread & Boxers T-Shirt
Comme des Garcon Skirt
Lanvin High-Top Sneakers

How does everyday life in New York inspire the way you dress?

I pay more attention to what guys wear in this city. It just looks so much more comfortable and the silhouettes are classic. Guys in New York aren’t afraid to play around with prints and colors and I do take inspiration from that. There’s so many visuals  in New York that make me take notice : it could be anything from street art to cereal packaging. I recently bought a few pairs of Happy Socks besides I liked the colors in the snack of aisle of M2M (ie my favorite, Pocky). Of course I had get red and white socks as well before going to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Whitney.

 When did you start buying designer clothes?

The turning point was when I started working at Assin in Melbourne which is an amazing store that stocked Ann D, Dior Homme, Margiela, Junya, Number (N)ine, Haider Ackerman.

I learned a lot about menswear there and I managed to come away with some great pieces from my time there.

Look 2

Junya Watanabe SS2012 Cropped Rider Jacket
Junya Watanabe SS2012 Floral Print Dress
Junya Watanabe SS2012 Boots

You own some wilder pieces as well as some solid basics. How do you balance practicality and comfort against aesthetics in your wardrobe?

My actual clothing that I wear day to day has to be very comfortable. I walk around alot and I don’t want anything that’s too restricting. In general my style is pretty basic but I like statement pieces to mix it up. One thing I don’t compromise on is my rings. I never take them off and they feel so a part of me that I don’t even notice them there.

Look 3

Comme des Garcon SHIRT SS2012 Strawberry Print
Comme des Garcon Homme Plus Cropped Jeans
Comme des Garcon Sneakers (No vis)

Look 4

Junya Watanabe Shirt
J Crew Floral-Print Trousers
Junya Watanabe SS2012 Boots

What style inspirations do you go back to again and again?

The anime Nana.

Gogo from Kill Bill.

Nujabes music for the mood it creates.

Gregg Araki films.

You have some men’s pieces you wear reguarly. How do you work them into your outfits?

I’ve really gotten into just wearing plain white and/or black mens undershirts recently, like the Supreme/Hanes shirt or Bread & Boxers (worn in look 1). I like the simplicity of the cut and the casual feeling it provides. I like oversized cuts – button downs, like my new favorite is my new strawberry CdG SHIRT button down. Another favorite is my Rick Owens DRKSHW sleeveless hoodie that I’ve had since 2008 that I basically live in. I also frequently wear my Lanvin  Hi-Tops and Homme Plus denim cropped pants. I just treat them like normal clothes and I appreciate they are less fussy than women’s pieces.

Photos by Rocky Li


Photos Courtesy of Milk Made

Yesterday was the opening reception of “DREAM & DRIVE” at Milk Studios. The photo project and book has been nine years in the making ; the result of an on-going relationship between The Kills and Kenneth Cappello. I attended the Q&A session in the early afternoon and listened to Kenneth Cappello, Jamie Hince, Alison Mosshart give insights into the last nine years of touring, rock&roll and countless photos taken in between.

I’ve been a fan of Kenneth Cappellos work since I first came across him years ago and it was inspiring to hear him speak on the experience of photographing The Kills for almost a decade. I appreciate photographers who are able to impose their own personality onto their work and the photos at this exhibition showed that Kenneth did just that. It was apparent that the photodocumentation on display was shot from the lens of a dear friend, not an outsider, and sometimes that makes all the difference.

You can read an interview with Kenneth HERE and pre-order the book online HERE.


I met Black Dave almost a year ago at a Rick Ross show. Not long after that I came across his music video for Black Donald Trump. Since that video dropped I’ve watched his rap career gain momentum and spread through the downtown New York music scene. Black Dave is definitely on the come up, opening for the likes of Chief Keef and later tonight, Juicy J. Black Dave’s rap style is a reflection of his personality and New York upbringing. His songs alternate in mood from comical anthems to introspective and thought-provoking rhymes. Download his Black Donald Trump mixtape off Dat Piff.

Whether it’s true his skate tours or his ascension in the rap game, it’s a certainty you’ll be hearing more bout Black Dave.

The video for my personal Black Dave favorite – No Gracias

Photos by Rocky Li

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Supreme SS06 Codura Duffle Bag

Supreme  Leopard Camo  and Cordura Camera Bags

Supreme 19th Scatterweave Backpack (2005)

Supreme  SS11 Olive Zebra Cordura Backpack

Supreme FW08 Backpack

Supreme SS10 Leopard Camo Guide 28 Backpack

Since the brand’s inception Supreme  has been putting out seasonal bags, the most popular of which are the duffle bags and backpacks. While they used to only put out one backpack per year, the increased demand has resulted in Supreme cranking out more models.  The first backpack I got was my grey Supreme 19th Scatterweave backpack which was made in the USA and featured tons of great details :  hidden compartments , metal zips,  and durable construction. While the bags are no longer made in the United States, they still represent great quality, functionality at a price that’s fair (at least if you pay retail). Most of the designs are inspired by hiking, vintage or military packs.

The bags used to be a less hyped item that would sit for most of the season but as with many other items expect any desired models to sell out quickly.

Photos by Rocky Li

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