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Fashion magazines and brands have incentive to push certain trends and looks. One of the persistent challenges of wardrobe building is translating the looks designers put on runways, and editors in magazines, to fit into your own personal style.  I chose to profile my friend Dae because I see him as someone who is able to navigate between brands effortlessly, bringing varied pieces together to create seamless simple outfits.

In part one of this style profile I got a little help from photographer Rebekah Seok.

Look 1

Top : Jil Sander SS10 ‘ Foujita Print’ Shirt
Pants : Nom de Guerre
Shoes : Red Wing Postman

Look 2

Top : Undercover T-shirt
Pants : Nom de Geurre Trousers
Shoes : Visvim FBT

Look 3

Jacket : Supreme x WTAPS Reversible Varsity
Top : Fred Perry
Trousers : Engineered Garments
Shoes : Comme des Garcon

When and how did your interest in fashion and clothes develop?

My interest for fashion really picked up when I started DJing in sophomore year of high school. A friend on djforums taught me everything about the art of mixing and the eclectic DJ scene in Japan, which introduced me to individuals such as Nigo and Hiroshi Fujiwara of Major Force. I then visited Japan for the first time in my junior year and that changed everything.

Your wardrobe has a large mix of pieces across many different brands. How did you come to own such a large and varied clothing collection?

I’m just a fan of design, whether it’s clothes, architecture, or a website even. It’s also fun to mix with different brands and try to craft your own unique look.

What are some of your style inspirations?

Literally everything. The art you see at the MET, the different type of people you see from walking around NYC or seeing your favorite DJ perform on the big stage. All that man.

How has moving from the west coast to New York changed your personal style?

Not much, but you certainly have more brands available here compared to the Bay Area.

How do you choose which pieces to buy next? Any current grails?

It really depends. My mentality when it comes to shopping during the summer is much different compared to winter. Like I won’t start looking for a t-shirt when it’s blistering cold outside. I’d rather save up and get a warm jacket. My favorite piece at the moment is my Supreme x WTAPS varsity. It’s perfect.

 How do you see your style evolving over the next few years?

More simple.

Look out for part 2 of this style profile with Dae coming soon. Be sure to check out Dae on tumblr HERE.

Writing by Rocky Li
Photography by Rebekah Seok


Raf Simons top and Number (N)ine jeans

Number (N)ine shirt and native print jeans

Thom Browne cardigan and polo , Engineered Garments shorts

Jil Sander T-shirt and H&M shorts

My friend Paul took these snaps on a recent trip through Texas. Look for a full style profile on him in the near future.

Photos by Paul Malonzo


Above looks styled by Jun Takahashi

Avid readers of Third Looks will know that one of my favorite designers is Jun Takahashi of Undercover. While the Spring/Summer collection of UU did not blow me away I was able to find a bunch of great wardrobe basics in the selection. This August will mark the release of the Fall/Winter 12/13 Uniqlo x UC collaboration and from what I can see it is a definite step up from the first collection. It seems that this collection parallels what Jun has been doing with his recent mainline UC collections (namely Open Strings and Psycho Color) in terms of texture and color palette. The outerwear is the strongest draw for me with the Utility coat(Warm lite liner), Body warm lite Padded jacket and Micro fleece hoodie being my standouts.

More photos (including the women’s and kids looks) are on the UU Collection Site as well as on Pinterest.

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A few behind the scenes snaps of the next Third Looks Style Profile with Dae. I got a little help from photographer Rebekah Seok this time.

Hold tight the full feature is coming very soon.

Photos by Rocky Li

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Photos by Rocky Li

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Marc from Isaora

Klaxon Howl


Assembly New York


Va$htie Kola

Ryan Kibler

William Yan

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Journal Standard

Scott M


New Balance

Big E

Amardeep and Andrew



Ebbets Field Flannels

I visited Day 2 of Capsule’s New York Men’s Show and took these snaps of my experience. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet everyone working behind the scenes in men’s fashion.

Photos by Rocky Li


If you haven’t been following Model Files, you have been missing out. Point your browser to Youtube and watch these hilarious short vignettes that provide a glimpse into the day to day life for models in New York City.

The below snaps are were taken at Milk Studios on the set of the upcoming Model Files Renion Special Episode. I had a fantastic time on set and it was great to see the legendary P’trique (of Shit Fashion Girls Say Youtube fame) on set.


Jamie Simone

Salieu Jalloh from RED.


Porcelain Black

Jenna Sauers & Sara Ziff of Model Alliance

Michael Elmquist from DNA

Bradley Soileau from RED

Diandra Forrest from RED.

Ruth Gruca

Noma Han from Fusion.

Photos by Rocky Li


Check out the Third Looks Tumblr page for more bonus photos and behind the scenes visuals.

Photo by Rocky Li

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Preston, the host of Model Files in front of the new V-Files shop on Mercer.

Shirt : Vintage Lacoste, Internet Fame T-shirt
Shorts : Vintage
Shoes : Maison Martin Margiela Replica Sneakers