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The above video highlights some of the key details of this new batch of FW2012 pieces. As always ACR stays killing it in the accessories and outerwear departments. These pieces continue to show the brand’s commitment to creating items with harmonious utility & aesthetic in mind.

Beinghunted always brings great features this time they have had a conversation with Erolson Hugh (co-owner and designer of Acroymn). I particularly found the below question inspiring.

Before we talk about your new collection, tell us about the development of Acronym as a design studio over the past 2-3 years. You have grown quite a bit?

Two years ago I started working with Johanna, my first assistant in Berlin. Recently, the team has grown to where we can do everything we need to do without ever leaving the building: product, identity, film, strategy, dumplings, cake, interpretive dance… We’re all freelance, and all running additional individual projects, so there’s massive throughput. Lots to do. Lots to absorb. Lots to learn. Michaela in Brooklyn, Turbo in Tokyo, Bagjack, and our factory in CZ, continue to evolve as the other major hubs in the network. Watch this space.

All growth is relative, though. The next smallest company doing comparable work is (last I checked) upwards of 50 times larger than we are. The largest players on the field -some tens of thousands of times (yes, that’s several million percent bigger). Think about what this means. So, in relation to that, we’ve grown from infintessimally small, to still really really freaking small. But this is OK; we know Kung Fu.

Read the entire article at BGHD

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I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend Sally Lapointe’s latest collection for Spring/Summer 2012. She has come a long way as a designer since I first met her and I believe her latest collection is the strongest yet. Having gained increased visibility after custom designing pieces for pop-queen  Lady Gaga, Sally Lapointe is definitely on the rise with press coverage in the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV. My favorite elements of this collection was the toned down brights that composed the color palette and the interplay between the tops and bottoms.

My friend Jordan M was backstage and captured these snaps of the models prepping for the show.
It’s great to see my friend Sally grow as a designer while remaining the humble and sincere person she’s always been! Find out more about her on her official website


I’m happy to introduce Otomayim B Dipper to you today. My friend Ryo Miyamoto has been living in New York and capturing fantastic streetstyle for over a year now. Below I have posted selected some my favorite looks from this past summer that he photographed. Ryo has a terrific eye for well-dressed indviduals whose personal style reflects their interests and personalities.

Kayuet – Graphic Designer

This is black on black done right. Black can be tricky in summer but this look is tastefully done. A great casual and comfortable silhouette topped off with great choices in accessories. The Margiela boots simply elevate the essemble to neckbreak status.

Abdul – Nepenthes NYC

I don’t think these are clothes that would appeal to me on the rack or to purchase for myself but I do really respect the way Abdul is able to pull this look off casually. He definetly has a clearly defined aesthetic. The color palette just works and I think that Abdul really knows how to convey his sense of style through his clothes choices as well as

Jonathan – Fashion Assistant for for L’Uomo Vogue

This outfit is practically all Jil and Raf and I’m okay with that. The bright pop-colors tailored pieces have always been hit or miss / hate it or love it affairs but it looks great here especially paired with the Raf sneakers. Somehow the colors and the sneakers all come together to make these individual pieces look incredibly wearable.

Chantal – Oak

Something about Chantal’s outfit just feels like New York summer. The type of summer we’ll all be misisng soon

I will be working with Ryo to bring more New York streetsyle coverage to you all. Please visit his site

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